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Reiki healing

Day in and day out people struggle with minor ailments, serious illnesses, mental distress and mental upsets, and sometimes they just need a simple boost of energy. Reiki healing is less about achieving wholeness and more about remembering and restoring the wholeness that is already there.


Dr. Pierce has a sincere and special interest in weight loss and weight management. He wants you to feel comfortable in your body and live life optimally. He realized that gut and inflammation, as well as stress and sleep hygiene, play major roles when considering diet programmes and stated clearly that all of these pillars need to be considered in obtaining the ideal weight.


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Dr. Pierce


Dr Pierce van Tonder is a registered Phytotherapist (Medical Herbalist) with the AHPCSA and The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) (USA). He qualified as a Life Coach (NLP practitioner) under Graham Nicholls (USA)

Holistic Health Approach

Prevention is better than cure

  • Medical Herbalist
  • Health / Life Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Neuro Linguistic Master
  • Practitioner Iridologist