Involves the injection of natural preparations (homeopathic in nature) below the skin 

Biopuncture stimulates the body’s own healing process and promotes a return to normal function. Ultra low doses "awake" mechanisms in the body. The healing comes from within your body, not from the product itself. A reaction is created in your immune system to regain natural healing. The use and popularity of Biopuncture has grown across the world.

  • Combinations of natural products
  • Support the body’s ability to regulate its own healing mechanisms
  • Biopuncture, which is homeopathic in nature, can be used to assist in in drainage of swelling or repair cellular function
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"Man Know Thyself" is the first step to claim health and longevity.

Iridology is useful in preventative medicine. It can be integrated with both orthodox and complimentary medicine. We study the iris and sclera of the eye to determine constitutional weaknesses and strengths, toxaemia and inflammation, genetic predispositions, and the functioning of the eliminative-, body systems and organs. 

  • Simple non-invasive method.
  • A magnifying glass and torch, or ophthalmoscope, are used to examine the iris and sclera.
  • An initial consultation can vary from 45 minutes to an hour. Time is charged accordingly
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consists of using plants and practitioners only supplements, together with modern scientific research

Phytotherapists refer to GP’s if they know that the patient is requiring immediate medical intervention and are trained to always recommend what is best for the patient. In South Africa a professional Phytotherapist is registered with the AHPCSA and has a practice number.

  • The training is similar to medical students’ training 
  • Training Includes full courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Methods.
  • Phytotherapists are skilled in compounding and dispensing medicines, specifically formulated to treat and/or prevent disease

Reiki Healing 

What to expect from a Reiki Healing session 

Day in and day out, people struggle with minor ailments, serious illnesses, mental distress, and mental upsets, and sometimes they just need a simple boost of energy. There are many ways to deal with our problems when we are out of balance, but Reiki combined with Chakra Balancing is, in my opinion, the best approach to recharge, rebalance, and rebirth. Reiki healing is less about achieving wholeness and more about remembering and restoring the wholeness that is already there.

My journey to become a Reiki Master and apply energy healing as a scientist was evoked by the following questions within myself: 

  • Would I like more vitality and joie de vivre?
  • Would I like to be able to relax deeply?
  • Am I looking for harmony in my life?
  • Am I looking for healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level?

I always felt as if my chakras were blocked, and I knew that everything around me consists of energy (vibration). I embraced the idea of Reiki, and soon after my second session, all just fell in place. 




Weight Loss and Weight Management

Dr. Pierce has a sincere and special interest in weight loss and weight management. He wants you to feel comfortable in your body and live life optimally. Dr. Pierce realized that gut and inflammation, as well as stress and sleep hygiene, play major roles when considering diet programmes and stated clearly that all of these pillars need to be considered in obtaining the ideal weight. He stated : "The best investment in longevity is taking care of your weight and attend to all the underlying causes that go with it". Dr. Pierce had many successful stories and happy patients/clients. Take the first step, give him a call, and embark on the journey to well-being.

When you book our Diet services, we will make sure you understand the following 

  • What is the Ascot Diet?
  • How does the Ascot diet work?​
  • Can my diet plan be used with any other eating program or diet?
  • Do I need any special food to maintain the Ascot diet program?

  • Will the weight pile back on when I stop the injections?

  • Do I have to go to the gym when doing the Ascot diet?

  • Why will I feel miserable and nauseous in the first few days?